Zumba launch new content- exclusively for Wexer Virtual partners

We are excited to announce that we now have four new Zumba classes available on Wexer Virtual. It’s your turn to join the calorie-burning, dance-fitness craze that’s taken the whole world by storm.

The new classes include:

  • Zumba 101: think you can’t dance- led by the creator of the Zumba Fitness program himself, Beto Perez. Learn the basic steps of the 4 core rhythms, then put those new moves to work as you rock out in an easy-to-follow 30 minute Zumba class.
  • Zumba Blitz features three intense 20 minute workouts that challenge your entire body! These are the perfect workouts for cardio lovers on-the-go as they can fit into any hectic schedule.

All new Zumba content is now available on your Wexer Virtual player.

Contact Morten Andersen for enquiries: morten@www.wexer.com