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Here’s how we’ll keep your class offering eye-catchingly fresh

It’s always nice to have a new workout to do – something that keeps things fresh, keeps your mind and body stimulated, keeps your motivation levels high.

That’s why Wexer prides itself on the strength in depth of its on-demand group exercise library. We often talk about having over 900 world-leading classes on our system, but these aren’t just the same old classes repeated from month to month. We want everyone to have access to the very latest titles, which is why our world-leading content partners commit to providing us with fresh new releases each quarter. And that’s not all: we’re also continually signing up exciting new partners to bring the latest group exercise innovations to our platform.

Ultimately, we want to ensure that end users of Wexer always have something new to try, whatever it is they love to do – whether they look for a different style of workout each time, or whether they simply want variety and fresh challenges within their favourite, go-to discipline.

So, there’s a regular flow of fantastic new classes coming into the Wexer universe; we added 1,500 classes to our Library in 2018 alone.

As our world-class Library has continued to expand, we’ve been looking at ways to ensure there’s space on your Wexer Player to welcome the latest, greatest content. The result is a fantastic new piece of AI-based technology that analyses the virtual class usage at your club, identifying content on your Wexer Player that is older and no longer used. This is then extracted from the system and automatically replaced with the latest class releases; of course, any virtual classes in your current schedule will be protected, however old they might be.

This simple but efficient new solution ensures your Wexer Player will always be full of the latest, most relevant content for your club.

And all of this happens behind the scenes, quietly and without interrupting the delivery of any of your virtual classes.

Keeping your group exercise offering fresh and up-to-date has never been easier.

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BEACHBODY® LIVE launches on Wexer

Beachbody LIVE, an industry leading fitness brand, expands their offering on Wexer launching a variety of quality workouts with frequent releases.


Group Fitness Redefined: Innovative Classes for Everyone!

Beachbody® LIVE offers a variety of pre-designed group fitness formats based on some of the world’s best workouts. Thriving on results-oriented, innovative, inclusive and inspiring workouts, these group fitness formats are carefully designed, tested, and proven to work for people of every age and fitness level. Now you can explore these classes on Wexer and find your fit with Beachbody LIVE!


Classes launch late January 2019

5 programs will launch on the Wexer platform and will be available in clubs at the end of January.

All of them will feature a full-length version as well as an express version allowing members 60 minute and 30-minute options for every release of every program.


Create member habits with quarterly releases

Members can be creatures of habit when it comes to workout routines. After all, who would not want to stick to something that motivates you and creates great results?

All the Beachbody LIVE programs will have quarterly releases, making sure members can stick to a routine whilst still receiving new and exciting choreography and workout types.

For members who like more variety, we have made sure that the 4 latest classes of every program are always available on the platform, so that clubs can provide a varied schedule and offer popular On Demand options for members.


Get ready for some of the best classes in town

Beachbody LIVE classes are proven, result-driven workouts made and presented by some of the best trainers in the industry.

Find the right fit for your club amongst the programs below and make sure you don’t miss out on this opportunity to offer your members some of the best workouts in town!

Beachbody LIVE programs launching on Wexer:



Ideal for anyone and everyone, PiYo LIVE is the innovative yoga-influenced workout that builds strength, improves flexibility, and tones muscles. These low-impact, dynamic, flowing sequences are meant to deliver real results! Get ready to sweat, stretch and strengthen with PiYo LIVE.


Did you know that INSANITY LIVE is one of the most popular classes? That’s because it’s more than an amazing workout. It’s incredibly fun, totally inspirational, and achievable for ALL fitness levels. Get ready to experience everyone’s favorite HIIT class with INSANITY LIVE.


A total body workout for every fitness level, P90X LIVE constantly challenges your muscles with a mix of weights, cardio, and core exercises. You will leave feeling motivated and ready to come back for more. Great music, awesome instructors and your choice of weight inspire you to get the results you came for! Get ready to Bring It with P90X LIVE.


If you’re looking for an empowering workout that gets results, this is it. CORE DE FORCE LIVE is a high-energy, non-contact MMA-inspired workout that combines boxing, kickboxing and Muay Thai techniques as well as explosive power moves and interval training. Get ready to train like a fighter with CORE DE FORCE LIVE.


Known as the ultimate cardio kickboxing experience, Turbo Kick LIVE is a high energy workout that challenges the beginner and elite fitness enthusiasts alike. Feel unstoppable in the class that’s high-energy and totally addicting! Get ready to become a total knockout with Turbo Kick LIVE.


For more information about any of the classes please get in touch with Morten Andersen at

ClubVirtual Becomes CycleMasters

CycleMasters will launch on Wexer and offer updated workouts and improved production quality. Members can still enjoy the ClubVirtual classes, as the most popular classes will remain on the platform.

Exactly 10 years ago, ClubVirtual produced its first virtual cycling lessons, leading to a decade of fast, virtual pedaling with popular instructors, powerful workouts and scenic routes. Now, 10 years later, it is time to take the next step into the future of indoor cycling.

ClubVirtual will become CycleMasters. Behind the change of name is a desire to emphasize what the company does best – offer excellent cycling classes! Wexer will carry the full range of CycleMasters classes to ensure the best cycling class options are made available for partner clubs.

What does this mean for you?

1.Improved Production

Using the experience from a decade of production, CycleMasters continues to raise the bar for production, making sure riders enjoy an immersive experience with content from some of the most beautiful cycling regions and places in the world.

Workouts will still feature curated instructors, who have been carefully selected to motivate and guide the riders safely through each workout.


2. More Workout Styles

CycleMasters have adjusted the categories and levels to match the feedback and usage patterns picked up through the extensive data collected from clubs. This will provide more variety for members as well as a greater opportunity to target the desired outcome for the training. The collection will include:

  • Beginner – 20 or 45-minute lessons for beginners
  • HIIT – Short 20-minute lessons with a high intensity
  • Cardio Interval – 20 or 45-minute lessons
  • Endurance – 90-minute lessons

The on-screen performance data has also been updated. The information and instructions have moved from the left to the top of the screen. The country and location of the chosen lesson will constantly be visible in the lower-left corner. Additionally, the new CycleMasters lessons are also showing the RPM values of the instructor.

3. New Releases Added Regularly


CycleMasters will be an ongoing production to constantly add new workouts to the channel. The team of instructors will be expanded for the most requested languages – including English, French, and Dutch – to keep up with demand. Members can look forward to 20 new releases per language in 2019!

4. Access to ClubVirtual Classes

As the CycleMasters channel is launched on Wexer in early January, clubs will still have access to ClubVirtual content. CycleMasters are focusing on creating new and updated versions of some of the most popular classes from the ClubVirtual library. These will slowly replace the older workouts in the ClubVirtual library to make sure members always have the best and most updated classes available.

With each release of CycleMasters, we will make sure we inform partners on any ClubVirtual titles due to be replaced.

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Why short format classes are changing workout habits

Traditional group exercise models heavily influenced the production of virtual training only a few years ago,” says Morten Andersen, global head of content and account management for Wexer. “Now, virtual workouts are offered all the way down to 10-minute workouts, and this is fundamentally changing the way people work out.

Innovation to meet demand

Innovation in class length has always been a key feature of Move123 classes, which has been available on the Wexer platform for the last two years. Now, further evolution has resulted from the strong partnership between Wexer and its premium content provider.

Andersen explains: “Using Wexer’s comprehensive usage data, we’ve been able to identify global patterns: the trends and habits of Wexer users across 40+ countries. We’ve then shared this information with Move123 who, thanks to their ever-more sophisticated production set-up, have been able to evolve their class offering to ensure the end user has the best possible experience.”

Move123 is about to launch 70 new classes, driven by a desire to offer even more of the most in-demand classes. It’s about ensuring continued variety and new inspiration across the most popular categories and class types.”

Move123 really do have a truly impressive production ability, which means that together we can support emerging trends to the benefit of members and clubs.”

The 70 new classes will be available from January 2019, with all categories set to be updated – Cardio, Fight, Dance, Strength, Yoga, Pilates, Meditation and Stretch. The class library will also be refreshed across all class durations –10, 20 and 30 minutes – to ensure all options are always available.

Changing the way we workout

Andersen continues: “The length of virtual workouts, and the variation in duration, is becoming more and more important.In fact, the varying durations provided by Move123 have helped transform virtual fitness usage patterns.”

“With the shorter classes that are now available, we’re seeing members use virtual as part of a broader workout, rather than choosing either virtual classes or other gym-based activities. For example, we’re now seeing a lot of members switching their cardio on a treadmill for a 20-minute high-intensity virtual class, before moving on to doing some weights or core work. “

Move123 has been a key influencer in driving – and catering for – this shift in motivation, and the resulting growing interest in virtual classes.

Designed for clubs, by clubs

But the innovation in class length hasn’t only been shaped with the end user in mind. There are also benefits for club operators, as Andersen explains: “Move123 was set up by fitness professionals with more than 100 years’ combined fitness industry experience. The content is designed specifically for clubs, by clubs,and addresses some common issues.

For example, class durations are designed to make scheduling easy: 30-minute classes run for 27 minutes, while 10-minute classes run for 8.5 minutes,meaning there’s time for set-up and packing away within the class slot. And in any case, all classes require either no or minimal equipment, and classes that use minimal equipment offer a body weight option too, which really does make the operational side of things very easy.

All this means that operators can run a round-the-clock timetable, packed full of different class types and durations to ensure there’s something for everyone,without wasting any time – the empty slots they might otherwise have to leave between classes to allow for pack-up and set-up.

Meaningful workouts for seniors

Finally, already available on the Wexer platform from this month is a new Silver Collection from Move123. Designed specifically for an older audience, this collection of 20 classes features workouts that include both standing and seated options, ensuring the needs and abilities of almost every member can be met – in turn allowing more clubs to offer meaningful workouts to their senior members.

All Move123 classes are available on the Wexer in-club virtual class platform, as well as the new Wexer Web Player for out-of-club use, which will be available from next month.

To find out more, please email

Why Wexer is the most reliable virtual platform on the market

There’s nothing worse for members than turning up at their club, only to find their class has been cancelled. That applies whether it’s a live instructor who’s called in sick with no cover in place, or a virtual class that’s been cancelled due to technical issues.

Such scenarios have a hugely negative impact on member satisfaction, and in turn retention.

That’s why Wexer prides itself on the reliability of its technology, with stats that speak for themselves: across all our clients in more than 50 countries, our system is up and running more than 99.9% of the time.

We also continually innovate and evolve, reviewing our technology on a daily basis to ensure it continues to be truly market-leading in every respect.

It’s just one of the reasons why health club megabrands BasicFit (over 530 clubs) and McFIT (over 240 clubs) have chosen us as their technology partner, exclusively using Wexer as the platform through which they deliver virtual fitness across their estates.

But how do we ensure our technology is so reliable? We thought we’d share a few of our secrets…

#1 – Hardware

We know clubs need technology that stands up to heavy commercial use. That’s why we’ve invested – and continue to invest – in creating the most robust technology possible, with industry-leading levels of reliability.

How do we do this? There are many factors, but one important point is that we use only dedicated, industrial-grade hardware; we never use consumer-grade hardware in the delivery of our content, or allow consumer technologies to dictate our commercial systems. For us, reliability is paramount. We simply do not believe adapted consumer technology can ever deliver the robust platform our partners need.

#2 – Connectivity

None of our virtual class content is streamed. Instead, it’s stored locally, with everything pre-loaded onto your Wexer Player; any new downloads take place overnight, via a fast and reliable wired network connection, which means your classes are all sitting there ready to simply press ‘play’ the next day.

As a result, that dreaded buffering experience becomes a thing of the past; with Wexer, you can be assured of an uninterrupted delivery of your virtual classes, however temperamental your internet connection.

Additional reliability comes courtesy of our worldwide Content Delivery Networks, which host Wexer content across the globe; whatever region you’re operating in, our network will ensure you receive your content as promptly as any other.

#3 – Management

We’ve designed all our back-end software ourselves: purpose-built support software that delivers what you need in a simple, reliable way, from ‘click and drag’ scheduling to robust reporting that monitors class attendance in real time to help you refine your timetable.

Meanwhile, our new smart-loading tool helps you keep your group exercise offering fresh and 100 per cent relevant to your members. This AI-based technology analyses the virtual class usage at your club, identifying content on your Wexer Player that is older and no longer used. This is then extracted from the system and automatically replaced with the latest class releases; of course, any virtual classes in your current schedule will be protected, as will all popular classes, however old they might be. This further drives the efficient running of your Wexer system, avoiding your Player becoming clogged up and slowed down by content you don’t use.

#4 – Support

Our automated monitoring system checks our platform 24/7, worldwide, to minimise any issues. And if there are any problems, we attend to them very quickly and proficiently: we commit to responding within three hours, with most issues resolved within 24 hours; 50 per cent are resolved within the first three hours of being reported.

We’re also on-hand 24/7 to resolve any tech queries you might have.

These are, we believe, compelling reasons to entrust your virtual class offering to Wexer. For more information, please contact

AVAILABLE NOW: On demand virtual classes, anytime anywhere!

Exercise is everywhere nowadays. Whether it’s streamed videos or social media influencers, fitness apps or online weight-loss programmes, activity provision is now no more than the click of a button away. And consumers are responding: the internet is now the first port of call for many of those looking for fitness programmes.

Set against this context, it can be very hard for health club operators to ‘own’ a member’s full fitness journey, from in-club to at-home to elsewhere. Yet that ownership is vitally important to maintaining their loyalty.

So how do health club operators respond?

Crucially, operators must recognise that fitness has moved beyond being a purely bricks and mortar sector – and not only for those who seek their fitness programming and advice online.

Even gym members don’t necessarily want to exercise exclusively in the health club environment. They enjoy the in-person experience and benefit from the expertise encompassed within their club… but they also want elements of that experience and expertise to be available to them outside the club.

This is where the new Wexer Web Player comes in.

This exciting new product has one simple goal in mind: to give your members access to high quality, on-demand virtual classes when they can’t make it to your club. All they need is a log-in and an internet-enabled device – computer, tablet or mobile device.

In just a few clicks, this password-protected web portal allows your members to stream their choice of workout from Wexer’s extensive library of pre-recorded virtual group exercise classes. With over 500 different classes available and more set to be added all the time – all led by the best instructors from around the globe – the Wexer Web Player is the portal to a world-class fitness experience, wherever your members may be and whenever they choose to work out.

For members, it offers a seal of approval: a premium online experience that mirrors the quality and expert programming they expect from their trusted fitness provider – their health club. It also provides yet another source of workout inspiration for those training on their own in your club.

For non-members, it’s a chance to test-drive a club via a quality-guaranteed online product – a first step towards full membership.

Whether you’re new to virtual fitness and want to explore options to ‘own’ the out-of-club fitness space, or an existing Wexer customer who wants their members to enjoy a seamless experience from club to home and everywhere in between, this password-protected web portal offers a simple yet elegant solution.

To discuss how the Wexer Web Player could complement your business, please email

Digital fitness: Why you shouldn’t plan 2019 without it

Are you busy planning for 2019?

What will you be putting in place to convert those new arrivals in January, to help them shape an exercise routine that works for them, and to retain them in your community over the long-term?

Whatever other solutions you might be proposing for these age-old challenges, consider this: digital is the one truly indispensable part of the jigsaw.

Let’s start with virtual classes – shown to be a decisive factor for those choosing which gym to join. They’re also a great stepping stone into live classes for anyone initially lacking confidence in the group exercise environment. And, of course, group exercise has been shown time and again to boost retention; what better way to drive member engagement than through a world-class, round-the-clock class schedule? Virtual fitness really is a sales conversion, routine-building and retention-boosting tool all rolled into one.

And the opportunities presented by digital don’t end there, with numerous in-club and remote opportunities to enhance the member experience.

Indeed, tech can sit behind every member touchpoint, in turn shaping everything from the way we speak to them through to the products we design for them and the way we deliver those products.

Digital memberships, for example, allow clubs to open up their services to members wherever they are and whenever they want to train – a great way to retain those who question their ability to make it to the club regularly. The club remains the hub of expertise, advice, content creation and in-person experiences; the mobile phone becomes the portal through which all of this is available whenever members can’t make it in person.

Meanwhile, imagine a scenario in which a series of beacons in your club connect with the user data gathered by your app. The outcome: highly targeted messages that are so personalised to the member that they act as a health club concierge service. It’s a great way of saying to the member: ‘We know you, we understand your needs, we’re here to help.’ The member’s response: loyalty to their club because they feel looked after.

So, digital fitness isn’t just a ‘nice to have’ add-on. It’s a vital tool in staying ahead of the competition – indeed, in staying relevant to consumers at all in a world where the personalisation and 24/7 access are expected.

And the market agrees: Wexer’s customer base grew by over 300% in 2018 and expanded across 5 additional countries.

Don’t get left behind.

Make 2019 the year you go digital.

To find out more about embracing digital in 2019, contact the Wexer team here


A virtual class for everyone as Wexer diversifies its offering

Today we’re celebrating two firsts for Wexer.

#1 – The arrival of our first specialist classes

This month sees us launch specialist classes for two audiences with very specific training needs: pre- and post-natal women, and golfing enthusiasts. But these are just the first of what will be a growing collection of specialist classes: this exciting new category will be further developed over the coming months, opening the doors of virtual fitness to an ever more diversified audience.

#2 – The launch of our first German language classes

We’re determined to create a virtual fitness offering with global appeal. With English and Spanish classes already available, we’re excited to announce our first German language classes, launching this month. And yes, we’re always on the lookout for great content in other languages too…

It’s all part of our mission to harness the power of technology to create the perfect workout solution for everyone, whatever your needs or interests.

Let’s take a look at today’s milestones in a little more detail.

Our new GOLFit classes are delivered by Nicole Cavarra, a professional golf coach for over 23 years, as well as a certified fitness trainer and golf conditioning specialist. Nicole believes that, to play golf well, you first have to teach your body to move with strength, efficiency, balance and control – and this is what her GOLFit classes are designed to do.

Shot in situ on golf courses and embracing a range of disciplines from HIIT to stretching, GOLFit classes are united in their ultimate goal: to develop your body’s natural movement patterns and athleticism as the basis for an optimised golf swing and consistency in your game.

Meanwhile, Move it Mama classes – created and fronted by German film star Birte Glang – are available in both English and German. Once again, there’s a variety of workout options available in this collection, from pilates-based core workouts to HIIT – but all are carefully designed around the specific needs of pre- and post-natal women, and all have been created in collaboration with obstetricians, dulas, midwives and certified personal trainers to ensure the utmost safety for participants.

In addition, though glamorous she may be, Birte leads by example: in many of the Move it Mama classes, she’s pregnant herself – a huge vote of confidence for all soon-to-be, or recent, mothers.

GOLFit and Move it Mama will launch on the Wexer platform this month, and will be available as in-club virtual classes and on the Wexer Mobile app.


For more information, please email:

Know your customer

Imagine you’re standing in a health club that’s performing at its absolute optimal level, hitting every KPI that’s been set. Look around you. What’s happening in that club?

The gym floor is full – but not so full that customers are having to queue for equipment and becoming disgruntled. Satisfaction levels are high – and word-of-mouth recommendations with it.

Staff are chatting to members, and members among themselves, with a real sense of community – and loyalty – in place.

The perfect group exercise timetable is delivering exactly what members want, when they want it.

Revenues are strong, not only through monthly fees, but also through high take-up of personal training and strong performance in other secondary spend channels.

… This may not be the full picture, but you get the idea. This is a club that’s firing on all cylinders.

So, what would you say if I told you all the above is entirely achievable, provided you really, really know your customers – not just pen portraits based on a simple needs analysis, but deep insights gleaned from actual behavioural data?

If you think that’s a bit of an over-promise, let’s revisit the above scenarios.


The gym floor is full – but not too full

This club knows exactly what its members do when they’re in the club, and it’s geared its offering accordingly – equipment mix, gym layout, peak times, pricing strategy.

In fact, it’s so confident in member usage patterns that it’s able to gear its marketing around them, carefully managing yield to ensure the club is performing to capacity at all times.


Staff are chatting to members, and members among themselves

Staff know what makes each and every member tick, so they know exactly how to talk to them, what to say to motivate them, what additional information might be valuable to them… And in turn, knowing the instructors add value in this way, members are more willing to take off their headphones and engage.

This club is well aware of the contribution staff-member interaction makes to member retention, so it ensures its staff know exactly what to talk to members about.

By understanding individual members’ interests, the club is also able to direct them to activities they know they’ll enjoy – activities where they meet like-minded people, make friends and further cement their bonds with the club.


The perfect group exercise timetable is in place

At this club, a timetable combining live and virtual classes ensures members get what they want, when they want it – even during off-peak times.

Even more importantly, by accurately tracking attendance of all classes and understanding usage patterns, the club is able to continually refine the studio schedule to keep members happy and classes full.

A particularly high proportion of members are engaged with group exercise too, because the club analyses data on broader member interests – including current non-GX-ers – to develop new ideas for the studio schedule, getting more members involved in this retention-boosting activity.


Revenues are strong

In this perfectly-performing club, yoga apparel sells brilliantly because it’s advertised to members who attend yoga classes; post-workout protein shakes fly off the café shelves when promoted at the end of a tough HIIT class; personal trainers fill all empty slots by promoting their services to those struggling to achieve their targets…


Put simply, the club knows that the more data it collects – the more it knows about its members – the more it’s able to personalise… and that this personalisation is of direct value to its business, as well as to members.


Over to you…

If you want to emulate this, there really is just one option: harness technology and embrace data.

Imagine a scenario where a member walks into your club and, thanks to all the data you’ve gathered through your white-labelled Wexer Mobile app, you know all about them: what they like doing, what associated needs they might have, what they’ve purchased in the past.

This can then be mapped against the products and services on offer in your club that might tick the box for them today. Throw in a few beacons and all this can translate into personalised recommendations popping up on members’ phones (to complement their conversations with your staff). These highly targeted ads boost member engagement by being helpful, not pushy –­ pointing someone towards a special offer on their favourite juice, a PT package to get them ready for their forthcoming holiday (which you know about), money off new boxing gloves for the combat class they’ve booked, or simply recommending other activities you think they’ll like.

They also generate valuable secondary revenue for the club.

People often say tech is impersonal, but when used properly that’s far from true: it’s the primary source of member data, and the primary facilitator of personalisation. Ignoring tech is the thing that will render your product impersonal.


For more information please get in touch here

Meliá Hotels International guest satisfaction soared with Wexer

Why did Meliá Hotels International decide to review its fitness provision?

“If you look across the whole fitness sector, things are changing,” says Robert Louw, Wexer’s Head of European Business Development. “Meliá recognised this. Just as health clubs around the world are looking to give more to their members – more variety, more choice, more flexibility, more innovation – so Meliá Hotels International wanted to evolve its fitness provision to reflect current trends.”

He continues: “In many ways, the need for revitalisation of the fitness space is even stronger in the hotel sector. Guests are increasingly selecting their hotels based on the in-house wellbeing offering, so innovation in this area has the potential to set your business apart, driving up satisfaction scores and repeat business.”


Why was Wexer’s virtual fitness offering seen as the solution?

“Hotels are 24/7 businesses, so they need a 24/7 fitness solution,” continues Louw. “Customer expectations are also rising fast when it comes to the quality of a hotel’s fitness provision – this needs to be at least as good as the gym they use at home.

“Wexer’s virtual platform was therefore seen as the perfect solution: a wide range of group exercise classes, all led by world-leading instructors and filmed with great production values, to bring energy and motivation to the studio at any time of the day – without the need for any staff. It’s the perfect model for a hotel business.

“In addition, Meliá already had small studio spaces – around 25-30sq m – which was used only occasionally, for activities such as yoga or relaxation. The hotels were keen to get much more from these spaces. Offering virtual classes was the ideal solution, both in terms of yield management of the studio, and in terms of guest choice and service standards.”


What specifically has been done?

Over the last year, Meliá Hotels International has piloted in the INNSIDE Brand, Wexer’s virtual class system at two of its hotels – in Palma, Mallorca and in Hamburg, Germany.

Classes are available on-demand, which means guests can select exactly the class they want to do, at any time of day or night; even if you’re jetlagged and want to work out at 4.00am, there are hundreds of great group exercise classes to choose from. This service connects perfectly with the lifestyle of the INNSIDE costumers, who want to be able to keep their routine while they are travelling.


With what impact – what results have been seen?

The results have been notable.

The average guest satisfaction score for the gyms at Innside by Meliá Brand is 78.6%, which of course is already quite good.

However, across the whole brand, the average satisfaction score for gyms that doesn’t have Wexer is 76.8%; the overall average noted above is pulled up significantly by INNSIDE Hamburg and INNSIDE Palma Bosque, where the gyms achieve satisfaction scores of 84.5% and 88.4% respectively.

And when asked specifically about satisfaction with Wexer’s virtual classes, the average across the two pilot gyms is a whopping 85.5 per cent.

User feedback has also been very positive, with reviews on the likes of TripAdvisor and raving about the virtual classes, the “modern studio” and the 24-hour gym that “offered everything needed”.

“The wellness offer of the INNSIDE brand has reached a turning point due to Wexer: we are now able to offer a quality 24/7 product with a wide range of gym classes; something long sought after by our customers. Nowadays, travelers want to maintain their exercise routine whether travelling for business or other. Wexer has enabled us to discover this need in an innovative and professional way.”

Ignacio Alastuey, Director – Brand Experience Worldwide, Melia Hotels International


So, what plans to evolve or roll out Wexer’s virtual offering? 

Off the back of this highly successful pilot, Meliá Hotels International is now committed to installing Wexer in every new-build site of the INNSIDE Brand, as well as in every renovated site with the potential to incorporate a studio space.

The offering is also set to be refined slightly, to even better meet the specific requirements of a hotel. Louw explains: “We’re working with Meliá Hotels to identify the most popular classes among its guests. While regular gym users will benefit from the 800+ classes available on the Wexer platform, and will quickly familiarise themselves with the navigation, hotel guests may only be there for a night or two. What they therefore need is a streamlined menu that focuses on the most popular classes, making it even quicker and easier to use.

“We will also be working with the hotels to enhance the physical offering, steering towards premium installations and ensuring all the essentials – yoga mats and so on – are available for the menu of classes being offered. The great results of this pilot show it’s well worth the extra investment.”


For more information about our virtual fitness offering please get in touch here