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This is the best way to meet guests’ 24/7 wellness needs

As wellness becomes ever-more entrenched in people’s everyday decisions and lifestyles, we’re seeing leading hotel brands across the globe taking special measures to meet traveller demands.

And those demands are high: guests increasingly expect premium fitness offerings that allow them to continue their wellbeing routines in style while they’re away from home.

Crucially, hotels are 24/7 businesses, which means their fitness solutions also need to be 24/7. This is where the power of digital comes to the fore, and where market leader Wexer can step in as the ideal partner.


Virtual studios

Great virtual group exercise studios can be created in any space, whether that’s an existing studio or an under-used meeting room: just add a large screen, a high-quality AV system for an inspirational environment, and a Wexer Player.

With over 1,000 different classes on offer – from HIIT to mind-body, strength to dance, and far more besides – Wexer really does offer something for every guest.

And all of this on a robust, commercial-grade platform that boasts over 99.9% up-time, with a tech support team on-hand 24/7 to quickly address any issues that do arise – perfect for the typical unmanned hotel gym where seamless reliability is key.

The system works on-demand – guests can choose whatever class they like, at any time of the day or night – which means no staff are required. Nevertheless, the set-up is very safe, as the world’s top instructors are on-screen offering in-depth explanations, tips and coaching.

And the impact of such a facility? Just ask Spanish hotel operator Meliá, which experienced a 10% uplift in guest satisfaction scores when it installed Wexer Virtual at two of its hotels – read more here


Fitness rooms

Fitness rooms are a great example of hotels’ evolving in-house wellbeing offerings – bedrooms that offer a small selection of in-room gym equipment to help guests keep up their workout regimes while they’re away from home.

But there are vital ingredients missing from the majority of these fitness rooms: motivation, guidance, workout variety… All needs that can be met by group exercise.

This is where the new Wexer Web Player comes in: a white label ‘any time, anywhere, any device’ workout platform that, linked to an in-room tablet or web-enabled TV, acts as the portal to hundreds of on-demand group exercise classes for guests to do in their rooms.

Whether guests are looking for kickboxing or high-tempo dance, HIIT or bodyweight training, indoor cycling or mind-body – they’ll find it all, and much more, in the Wexer Web Player.

Equip each room with any simple equipment needed for the classes and you’ve created personal fitness spaces where the perceived value to guests will far outweigh the investment required.

The easy-to-navigate class library can be curated to reflect the equipment available and you can also highlight guest favourites – should you wish to offer a few tailored suggestions to get people started – based on automatically collated usage data.


Fitness on the go

As a password-protected web portal, the Wexer Web Player is also an ideal solution for any hotels wanting to offer access to world-class workouts wherever and whenever the guest chooses, whether in their hotel room, in the hotel fitness spaces, or outside the hotel altogether.

Accessed by inputting a promo code, the Web Player allows guests to stream their choice of hundreds of Wexer virtual classes to any internet-enabled device; the promo code can be set for a one-off class, a 24-hour period, or time-restricted to sync with the duration of their stay with you. It can also be offered as either a complementary value-added service or an optional premium purchase.

It’s the perfect tool to deliver the 24/7 wellbeing experience guests now expect, putting a world of exercise choice into the palm of their hands: hundreds of high-quality virtual classes that they can tap in to wherever and whenever they choose.


To find out more about the value of Wexer to your hotel business, please contact

We make corporate wellness provision easy – and compelling

It’s very easy to think of employee wellness provision as a ‘nice to have’ – a popular perk that drives employee satisfaction and retention.

Equally easy, if you provide health insurance for your employees, to see it as a way to keep premiums down by keeping staff health levels up.

But in fact – although it is indeed all of these things – it is far more besides, with robust evidence proving the role of corporate wellbeing in driving overall workforce productivity and business profitability.

A strong financial case

Absenteeism and ‘presenteeism’ are huge challenges in the world of business: in 2016, a study published in the Lancet estimated that US$13.7bn was being lost to the global economy every year as a result of diminished workforce productivity.

The good news is that employees are more productive at work, and take less time off sick, if they’re physically active: as far back as 2013, PricewaterhouseCoopers found that, for every £1 invested, employee wellness programmes led to an average £7 saving in previously lost productivity.

Meanwhile, a study by Swedish university Karolinska Institutet analysed a corporate wellness programme involving 472 workers throughout 2010. They found that, despite taking time out of their working hours to exercise, workers still achieved the same – or in some cases even higher – levels of productivity.

Researcher Ulrica von Thiele Schwarz said: “This increased productivity comes, on the one hand, from people getting more done during the hours they are at work – perhaps because of increased stamina – and, on the other hand, from less absenteeism owing to sickness.”

Quite simply, our bodies are more able to cope with the pressures of work if we’re fit, healthy and well-rested; the role of exercise in improving sleep quality, by ensuring we are physically as well as mentally tired, is also key.

But perhaps even more important is the role of exercise in helping us cope mentally, not only ensuring we’re firing on all cylinders – with improved motivation, mental clarity and focus – but also ensuring we’re equipped with the mental resilience to thrive in a pressured environment. Indeed, with stress a major cause of absenteeism across the developed world, the extensive body of research highlighting the role of exercise in stress management is perhaps the strongest argument of all for a well-thought-out employee wellness offering.

An engaging in-house offering

So, how can your business ensure its employees are engaged in health- and performance-boosting physical activity?

Subsidised gym membership can be an option, but won’t appeal to everyone: some people simply aren’t comfortable exercising in a gym environment, or feel they don’t have the time.

The key is to make being active unintimidating and utterly convenient for your staff, ensuring exercise opportunities are on-hand wherever and whenever they want them.

In-house, a Wexer virtual group exercise studio can be a great solution. From the perspective of your business as the wellbeing provider, it’s a truly hassle-free solution: classes can be offered on-demand, allowing members to choose their own workouts, while the reliability of our platform is unparalleled in the market. Indeed, across all our clients in more than 50 countries, our system is up and running more than 99.9% of the time; 24/7 tech support is available for the other less than 0.1% of the time.

In addition, if you want to gain an understanding of your employees’ interests and exercise habits for further evolution of your wellbeing offering, that’s also possible, with the Wexer platform gathering usage data automatically.

From an exerciser perspective, it’s also very hard to beat: at any point of the day (or night, for night-shift workers), employees can select the workout of their choice from more than 1,000 world-class virtual group exercise classes, all led by the top instructors from around the globe. Whether they want to pack a half-hour HIIT class into their lunch break, or need to escape their desk for a short spell of meditation or yoga to decompress, it’s all here, on-demand, catering for all fitness and experience levels and ready to start at the push of a button.

Even better, research shows virtual classes can help address the intimidation factor: in the health club environment, for example, newer members often use virtual group exercise to familiarise themselves with the moves before venturing in to a live class. This is a route in to exercise that has broad appeal.

Any time, anywhere

It’s also important to offer opportunities outside of the working environment, embracing digital channels – in particular, the internet-enabled devices people carry with them 24/7 – so employees can access workout and wellbeing inspiration, advice and guidance any time, anywhere.

This is where the Wexer Web Player comes in. This web-based portal allows exercisers to stream their choice of virtual group exercise class to any internet-enabled device, so they can work out whenever they choose, for however long they have available, wherever they are – at home, in the office, on holiday, working abroad… even on their commute.

It’s about embracing technology to make world-class exercise available to more people – and with it, enhance your company’s productivity and profitability.

Let Wexer help you shape a digital wellbeing ecosystem around the needs of your business: convenient for end users, easy to administer for the business, and gathering anonymised data on employee activities to continually evolve the offering and maximise the positive impact for employee and employer alike.


To find out more, please contact

Create a STRONG class schedule – with a world-first launch event

Virtual and digital are buzzwords of the fitness world right now – so how do you harness the strong consumer appeal of this technology to bring a buzz to your own studio schedule?

Well, how does a free trial – courtesy of Wexer in partnership with STRONG 30™ – sound?

First things first, let’s properly introduce STRONG 30™.

You will no doubt already be familiar with STRONG by Zumba® – a demanding 60-minute workout that’s already available on the Wexer platform. It has been making waves in the market since it launched in late 2016, with its results-driven combination of body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric training all synced to original music to keep motivation levels high and goals smashed.

STRONG 30™ has now taken this winning formula and condensed it into 30 minutes, creating a challenging total-body workout that delivers all the intensity in half the time – perfect for the new generation of high intensity enthusiasts who want results, fast.

And now gyms and health clubs have a chance to embrace the power of virtual content to introduce their members to this exciting new class.

In a world-first event, Wexer will be offering a specially created STRONG 30™ class to clubs around the world on Saturday, 14 September kicking off at 10.00am local time in each market.

Available exclusively to Wexer customers, this eye-catching premiere is sure to draw the crowds. Expect to see a global community of exercisers passing the STRONG 30™ baton from one time zone to the next, as the programme celebrates its first ever outing in a virtual format.

Even better, if you’re a Wexer customer, this exciting event will be available to you at no charge, whatever class bundle you’re currently subscribed to. Simply opt in here and the STRONG 30™ class will be available through the Wexer Player in your studio at 10.00am prompt on 14 September. But don’t be late! This is a one-time-only streamed event that will be available in this time slot only.


To find out more, please email

To find out more about bringing STRONG 30™ live classes to your schedule, email

These new activities will keep kids active this summer

Children lose 80% of their fitness during school summer holidays. This is the worrying finding of research by UK fitness association ukactive.

It measured 400 pupils before and after the summer holidays and found that, after the summer break, the children were able to run a significantly shorter distance before stopping with exhaustion than was the case before the holidays.

There was also a big difference between levels of overweight and obesity between the end of one school year and the beginning of the next: 20 per cent of all children were overweight or obese in July, but by September – after six weeks of insufficient activity – that figure had gone up by one-fifth, to 24 per cent.

The good news is that Wexer can help, with a fantastic range of new kids’ programming – perfect both for in-club activities and for parents looking for new ideas to keep their children entertained at home.


Brand new inspiration

The Animal Fu Family collection consists of five martial arts-based classes designed with young children in mind. Led by colourful characters – Boris the Tiger, Patsy the Bear, DJ Fin, Mabu the Monkey and Master Storky – these engaging classes focus on movement rather than combat, with having fun the main objective.

Meanwhile, the iDEA collection includes more than 30 classes, ranging from just a few minutes to an hour long and with something to cater for children of all ages and interests. From hip hop to party-fit dance, yoga to martial arts, it’s all here in iDEA. It doesn’t stop there either, with other fun activities also incorporated: build a drum and then use that to exercise as if you were a drummer, for example. There’s even a chance to learn magic tricks. It’s all about providing inspiration, as well as guidance, to those desperately seeking something different to do with the kids.

Both due to kids’ ages and to the intention behind the content, these two new collections are ideally suited to an environment where there’s adult supervision – whether that’s a summer holiday activity camp in your club, with your team on-hand to keep kids happy and safe, or a value-added resource that parents can draw on to lure kids away from sedentary screen time.

It’s a support tool – a source of ideas for anyone looking after children – rather than the typical adult virtual class where participants can be left to their own devices.


Different, but the same

The hardware and software are, however, exactly the same, with the two new collections already uploaded to the players of all Wexer Virtual customers; new customers will also automatically have these collections on their players.

Meanwhile, there’s a great option for clubs wanting to extend the availability of these activities to any parents in their member base, for an added value at-home offering: the Wexer Web Player.

In just a few clicks, this password-protected, white label web portal allows users to stream their choice of class, any time, anywhere, to any internet-enabled device – the perfect answer to kids’ cries of “I’m bored”.

And of course it doesn’t stop with the kids: with hundreds of classes on the Web Player, there’s something for everyone – which means it’s a great way for parents to stay in shape throughout the summer too, without having to worry about childcare while they go to the gym.

Even better, as it requires no technical integrations, we can launch the Wexer Web Player into your business as quickly as 14 days from signing an agreement, seamlessly embedding it into your existing websites and apps.


To find out more about any of these services – Wexer Virtual, Wexer Web Player, or our new class collections – please contact

5 ways the Wexer Web Player can boost your bottom line

Why should your club sign up for the new Wexer Web Player?

Firstly, quite simply, it meets the demands of today’s 24/7 consumer: this password-protected, white label web portal allows users to stream hundreds of world-beating virtual classes to any internet-enabled device, any time, anywhere.

It’s fitness as consumers now expect it.

Add this service to your offering and you’ll be taking a huge step towards giving members exactly the workout they want, whenever they want it – all delivered under the recognised, trusted brand of your gym.

In turn, you’ll be buying into a loyalty-boosting service that puts your club at the heart of both in- and out-of-club fitness experiences.


A multi-faceted impact

Once you’ve integrated the Web Player into your business, the next step is to maximise your return on investment.

So, where can the Wexer Web Player have the biggest impact on your bottom line?

Clearly it can be used as a secondary revenue stream, allowing members to pay a small fee to access the service on whatever basis they choose – buying a pass for a day, a week, a month or a year. But it doesn’t stop there. We share our five favourite use cases…


#1 – Incentivise your prospects

Are you looking for a way to set your club apart from the competition – a selling point that will push even the most hesitant prospect over the line?

Whether you’re talking to those who aren’t convinced of the value of gym membership, or those who want a club to embrace activity beyond its four walls, offering complimentary Web Player access to all new joiners can be that all-important nudge that will encourage them to sign on the dotted line.


#2 – Added value memberships

In a highly competitive market, you need strong USPs – especially if you want to justify a higher price point in a market that’s become accustomed to low-cost operators.

So, while you can charge members to access your white-labelled Web Player, in some cases it might be better used as a value-added service – a way of giving your members more, at no additional charge, to drive perceived value to new heights and to maintain member loyalty.


#3 – Re-engage high risk members

There are plenty of systems and algorithms out there nowadays that can help your club identify high-risk members – those most likely to give up their membership in the near future. The real challenge lies in re-engaging them: what can you say or do that will inspire and re-motivate them when they already have one foot out the door?

One great option is to offer them complimentary access to the Web Player, adding value to their membership and making it more flexible around their needs and lifestyle.


#4 – Keep frozen members warm

Does your club allow people to temporarily freeze their memberships? If so, what are the main reasons they give for wanting to do so? Sometimes it will be due to illness, but more often than not it’s down to holidays, being away for work, life just being too busy to get to the gym for a while… And for all of these scenarios, the Wexer Web Player represents the perfect solution: group exercise any time, anywhere, on any device, helping members stay active (and loyal to your club) even when they can’t make it to the gym.


#5 – Create digital memberships

And what about those who don’t want to join a gym, or who can’t for geographical reasons, but who want to be active under the guidance of an expert they can trust?

The Wexer Web Player is the perfect solution: high-quality group exercise, delivered under the reputable banner of your gym and made available through digital channels to those who want to exercise at home. It’s an easy to use, easy to implement first step to creating digital-only memberships, broadening the reach, appeal and revenue potential of your health club business.


To find out more about the Wexer Web Player, or to arrange for a free 14-day trial, please contact us at


Wellbeats classes on the Wexer platform

As you may have seen, we have launched three channels of Wellbeats classes on our virtual fitness players.


These channels – Circuits, Fusion and Rev – offer a wide range of classes for your members so there is something for everyone, even those on a tight schedule.


The channels are as follows:














For more information about any of these classes, please get in touch at:

Now Wexer is making everyone a premium customer

Our mission at Wexer is to make world-class exercise accessible to everyone by harnessing the power of technology.

‘World-class’ is key here. We partner with the leading content providers from around the world to ensure our class library offers strength in depth: our 1,000+ classes encompass all your members’ favourites from over 20 content partners, from Zumba to Beachbody and its Insanity workout; My Yoga Works to the Boxx; Piloxing to Sufferfest’s cycling workouts.

Up until now, though, any customers wanting to access the incredible line-up of CYBEROBICS classes had to sign up for a premium package with Wexer.

We were keen to change this: if we want to achieve our mission, we need to do everything we can to bring ‘world-class’ closer to ‘everyone’ – and that means ensuring everyone has access to every single inspirational class on our platform.

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that in the coming months, all CYBEROBICS classes on the Wexer platform are now available to each and every Wexer customer at no additional charge.

If you haven’t yet tried CYBEROBICS for yourself, be prepared to be blown away: these truly are no-expense-spared works of art.

For every new class, the workout concept is created by sports scientists, while scouts in the United States look for the perfect, jaw-dropping location and hold extensive trainer casting sessions. Production then uses a team and equipment worthy of Hollywood, filming in 4K quality and with multiple cameras to capture the action from all angles.

Perfectly tailored soundtracks are then recorded for each workout, as well as voiceovers – currently in five different languages. Classes are updated regularly, but more than 30 different classes are already available to Wexer customers in each language: English, German, Spanish, Italian and Polish.

Whatever type of class you want – cardio or conditioning, cycling or mind-body – it’s fair to say that CYBEROBICS has it covered in style. Get ready to experience tai chi, core, bootcamp, HIIT, cycle, hip hop dance, yoga, kettlebells, stretch, jazz dance and far more… all as you’ve never experienced them before.

For more information please get in touch at




5 reasons why your business needs the Wexer Web Player

Heard people talking about the new Wexer Web Player and want to know more?

We’d better start by clarifying what it is. This is an exciting new addition to the Wexer ecosystem: a password-protected, white label web portal that allows users to stream their choice of class from Wexer’s extensive virtual group exercise library – any time, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device.

But as we all know, it’s the why that really counts – and there are some highly compelling whys for operators and members alike.


#1: Convenience & flexibility

As noted above, the Wexer Web Player allows users to stream classes any time, anywhere, on any internet-enabled device – their phone, tablet, laptop… Whether they’re at home, on holiday or travelling for work, it puts world-class fitness quite literally at their fingertips.

But it’s important to realise that this sort of convenience is what consumers expect nowadays: it’s why so many people look online for fitness content. Offering something like this is less a ‘nice to have’ these days, more a price of entry if you want to keep hold of your members.


#2: Retention & acquisition

This brings us nicely to point #2: the role of the Wexer Web Player in reinforcing relationships with members outside of the club.

By making exactly the same classes available to your members wherever they are, you’re creating a seamless offering that allows you, the operator, to ‘own’ the totality of their group exercise experience. It means your members get to enjoy classes they’re familiar with, and that they recognise as coming from their trusted gym brand, wherever they are and whenever they want to train. It extends your relationship with them and makes them more likely to stick with you.

But that’s not all. The Wexer Web Player also acts as a great acquisition tool, both for prospects seeking a gym that understands their whole-life needs – 85 per cent of all gym members now exercise at home too – and for those who aren’t yet ready, or indeed able, to join the gym. It caters perfectly for those who would like to start their exercise journey in the comfort of their own home – provided they know they’re doing so safely, with a reputable provider.


#3: Revenue driver

And so to point #3.

For non club-based exercisers, the Wexer Web Player represents a first step towards digital-only memberships. Its low-intimidation, virtual group exercise offering represents a reliable, trustworthy package that operators could easily sell as an affordable, at-home membership. As it can be white labelled, it also means these prospects begin to build a brand loyalty, should the day come when they want to move at least some of their workouts into a health club environment.

And, of course, the revenue opportunities don’t end there. Although health clubs might choose to offer the Web Player to existing members free of charge – a value-add designed to further drive loyalty and retention – it can also be sold, whether that’s per class, day, week, month, quarterly or annually. There’s also an option to offer free trials.

Given the proportion of gym members who exercise at home, it’s easy to see how this could become an important additional revenue stream.


#4: Ease of implementation

Of huge appeal is the Wexer Web Player’s absolute ease of implementation. It requires no technical integrations, which means we can launch it into your business as quickly as 14 days from signing an agreement, seamlessly embedding it into your existing websites and apps.

We’re working on making this process even quicker.

Just think: 14 days from now, your members could be accessing your very own, bespoke Web Player – your brand, your colour scheme, your logo, your choice of highlighted class collections – and enjoying high-quality group exercise, both in and out of the club.


#5: Member insight

Finally, the Wexer Web Player offers invaluable insight into your members’ interests and behaviours, thanks to comprehensive usage reporting: which classes are being used and how often.

Harnessed properly, this simple, anonymised data will allow you to continually evolve your offering to even better meet member needs – not only in terms of the classes you highlight on the Web Player, but in terms of your in-club offering too.


To sign up for a free, no-commitment 14-day trial of the Wexer Web Player, or to discuss how the Web Player could be integrated into your business, please contact:


DMI Presents Wexer CEO Paul Bowman with a DMI Digital Leader Award

Personalising the Fitness Experience at Gyms around the Globe


Tell me about your role as a digital leader.
I’m the CEO of Wexer, a digital fitness platform that delivers personalized gym services that are disrupting the fitness industry worldwide. Our mission is to make virtual exercise more accessible through the use of technology. We’ve grown significantly since our 2008 start in Denmark and currently partner with fitness chains on five continents and in 58 countries.

How is the fitness industry benefiting from digital transformation?
It is said that “health is the new wealth” and the fitness industry has exploded in the past decade, experiencing nearly 4% growth annually according to Forbes. Still, the conventional brick-and-mortar gym industry has lingering issues related to overall member retention. Many members are intimidated by the fitness equipment and/or do not see fast enough results from their investment in their gym experience so motivation declines and they stop attending. Wexer empowers fitness chains to meet customers where they always are these days– on their phones!

Specifically, what services does the app provide gym members?
While typical fitness apps provide basic functions, like heart-rate monitoring and step-counting, our app delivers a complete set of services unique to the fitness chains Wexer partners with, including live-streamed and on-demand fitness classes. From ballet barre to meditation to boxing, cycling and high-intensity interval training, our platform delivers a comprehensive set of workout offerings for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. Members can access gym services from wherever they happen to physically be at that moment. They can also upgrade their membership, book an upcoming class and purchase a protein shake. Experience it for yourself by participating in one of our on-demand fitness classes here!

How are you augmenting the value of the typical brick-and-mortar gym experience?
We like to think of our mobile app as “a gym in your pocket.” The app provides a direct line of communication between fitness clubs and their members who may not be able to get to the gym in person often enough due to scheduling, lack of confidence, traffic jams, childcare issues or any of the myriad of other reasons gym patrons skip workouts. Conversely, the app is also a value-add for fitness chains, as it sells gym services and promotes overall sales retention. We’re extremely proud of the direct correlation that exists between member use of our app and the impressive member satisfaction scores for the fitness chain we serve.

What’s next for Wexer?
We’ve set our sights on expanding beyond traditional health clubs into a broader range of fitness venues. For example, we’ve been contacted by a major hotel group in Europe interested in implementing our platform across the continent. Additionally, as corporations of all types begin to truly understand the business value of a healthy workforce, expect to see many global offices start to leverage our services. We’re extremely excited about the prospects of expanding into commercial industry.

Describe your collaboration with DMI.
We’ve had a tremendous experience partnering with DMI over the past two years. DMI was originally recruited to help develop the app into a multipurpose tool, and now manages our core technologies within the app. The partnership is currently accomplishing more than ever in terms of managing content outside of the four walls of fitness facilities, as Wexer explores a commercially expansive future. We’re excited to see where the collaboration with DMI takes us!

For any more information please contact us at

Wexer’s new user interface: We make finding the perfect class simple

A browser is only as good as the ease with which you can find exactly what you want through it.

That’s why we’ve re-invented the user interface of the Wexer Player – the shop window of our virtual class system. We wanted to make it even easier to search for and identify the perfect workout from our extensive library of over 1,000 virtual group exercise classes.

We started off with the look and feel, making the whole thing lighter, brighter and even more visual, with headlines and imagery that really pop off the page and draw you in. It’s about making the experience clean and clear, inspiring and inviting.

(That said, if you preferred the darker screen of our old user interface, a simple toggle in Settings allows you to instantly change from white to black, and back again – the colour scheme will change without losing the benefits of the other improvements we’ve made.)

It’s easy to change language too, simply clicking on the current language shown in the corner of the home screen and choosing from the other language options shown.



Go home

But it’s the rest of the home page that deserves the real attention, with just three buttons from which to choose: Explore, View Schedule, and Search. We’ll talk you through each of these in a moment. First, though, a quick mention of what lies beneath: an eye-catching carousel of images showcasing all the newest classes. Scroll across, either by swiping or by clicking the arrows, for brand new workout inspiration.

And so to ‘Explore’. Select this option on the home page and you’ll launch a screen featuring a distinctive, impactful thumbnail for each class Collection – our new way of organising classes for ease of navigation.

(Consistency of experience being the name of the game here, this – Collections – is the same approach we’re already using on the Wexer Web Player, for those of you familiar with this fantastic new product.)

Every class in the huge Wexer library is currently encompassed within 10 main Collections, from Ride The World to Yoga, Sixpack Abs to Powerful Mind & Meditation, Body Weight Blast to HiiT It. Simply scroll down the screen to find the Collection you want.

Please note, in addition to these main Collections, there are two further, specially curated Collections – Featured and Most Popular – which will always be found at the top of the list. The classes within them will likely change each time you log in, as these Collections respectively offer our recommended new classes and the most played classes in your club.



Drill down

Once you’ve found the Collection you want, click ‘View all’ to launch a new page showing a helpful thumbnail for every class in that Collection – not just an image to represent the class, but also its duration and a tag to show the type of workout: cardio, mind-body and so on. Once again, it’s about simplifying the search process, clearly signposting the key attributes of each workout – attributes on which decisions are most commonly made – to help you quickly find what you need.

Scroll across this page to explore all the classes available in your chosen Collection. Then, when you think you’ve found the class you want, double check by clicking on it. This will launch a handy preview: a short video from the class, along with a class description and key information around class duration, type, level, trainer and provider.

Press ‘start’ and the class will begin, on-demand – or alternatively, if you now realise you’ve done it before and want to try something new, how about we recommend an alternative? Beneath every class preview you launch, you’ll see ‘Related content’ – our suggestions of other great classes that match your search criteria, and that might give you just the workout inspiration you’re seeking today.


Simple, fast, intuitive

Next up is ‘Search’, which instead of using Collections allows you to search for a class by category, keyword or content provider.

If you search by category, you’ll have three filters from which to choose: Duration, Type and Level. Apply just one of these filters, two, or all three for a very precise search.

Searching by keyword presents you with a search bar into which you type the relevant search term(s), whether that’s a specific class name, a type of class, provider, or even body part you want to train.

Finally, choosing to search by provider launches an impressive list of all of Wexer’s world-leading content partners. Scroll across the logos to find the provider you’re looking for, then click to view all their classes.

As before, search results will all appear as eye-catching thumbnails on a results screen; click on any of these classes for a preview.

Once again, it’s about making your search simpler, faster and more intuitive, ensuring you quickly get to the class you want – however you choose to approach your search.



Schedules that sell themselves

Finally, ‘View Schedule’ is where you can view the club’s timetable of scheduled virtual classes – and once again it’s far more visual than before, with the relevant thumbnails used for each class. This not only makes it more eye-catching for end users, but also – by offering a great overview of the spread of classes – makes it easier for studio co-ordinators to plan timetables.

View by day (across the top) and, within each day, by start time (down the right-hand side). You can also zoom in and out (buttons to the right of the screen) to switch between viewing an overview versus focusing in on the detail of a specific day or time.

And, of course, if members want to know more about any class they see on the timetable, all they need do is click on the thumbnail to launch a preview.

Particularly interesting here: if a club also has Wexer Web Player or Wexer Mobile, there’s an option to add a QR code to this preview page. This allows members to scan and save an interesting-looking class to do at home later, or even to do on their own elsewhere in the gym – great if the class has already started in the studio and they want to try it for themselves, from the start, or if a popular virtual class is full and they don’t want to miss out altogether.



Partner integrations

Last but not least, the Settings tab is also the place of partner integrations.

Got Wexer Beat in your club – Wexer’s heart rate monitoring system created in partnership with Motosumo? This is where you can choose whether (or not) to overlay heart rate data on the studio big screen for any given class.

Got Wexer’s very latest Player and upgraded to the fully interactive version of Intelligent Cycling? This is where you integrate with the Intelligent Cycling app, allowing your instructors to design and schedule bespoke workouts for your members.

You may not currently use this section of the Player much, but as our list of partnerships grows, this Settings tab will become an invaluable hub to manage the member experience in your virtual classes.

We will update you shortly on time frames for the new interface roll out.

We hope this blog has answered any questions you might have on our new user interface – as well as some you didn’t even know you had yet! – but as always, if you have any further queries, we’re here to help. You can contact us at