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If you are a current customer with a technical question, or in need of technical support, please email In case of a malfunction or breakdown of your player, a Wexer Virtual Tech is always available to help.

For Europe: +44-2036089994
For US and the rest of the world: +1-917-300-0673

NOTE: If you are not calling in regards to a malfunction or breakdown, you may be charged a tech fee of $96/hour with a $50 minimum


Wexer Virtual Offline Support Guide:


1) Is the player turned on?

Obvious as it sounds, check that it is turned on and also restart the unit after you have checked the cabling (see step 3).

2) Is the Ethernet cable attached correctly?

Try changing the cable and making sure the cable is inserted all the way and securely, you should hear it clicking in place.
NOTE: For On Demand players, internet cable has to be connected to LAN1

3) Restart the player

Press the power button and hold it for 3 seconds.
The player will switch off after 10-15 seconds.
Disconnect the power cable for 1 minute.
Plug in the power cable after a minute and start up the system by pressing the power button.
If the player remains offline, go to section 5.

5) Check the online/offline status

Wait 30 minutes and log into your Wexer Admin account.
Go to the Players menu button and check the online/offline status.
If the player is still offline. Go to section 6.
If the players Internet status has changed to online, problem is solved.

6) Contact your IT help desk if the player still is not connecting to the internet, it may be due to firewall settings or your network settings.



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